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What I Do
My work is a combination of my love of technology, fabric and art. My process involves manipulating the ideas in my computer, cutting the fabric into ¼ inch squares, using tweezers for placing, fusing them into the grid and quilting the layers together. The journey is exciting,fulfilling and zen for me.  My pieces contain from 14,000 – 30,000 (maybe more) little squares.  The final pieces are best viewed from a distance as they become clearer and more focused.

The New Butler! 40" by 30"

Inner Mind of Henry Standing Bear –  the Yin, Yang and Fury
23" by 30"

"Activism as inner peace; action as medicine"
 Artist Statement:
 “Activism as Inner Peace; Action as Medicine.”
Out of the darkest moments comes the most beautiful light. A still small voice will rise, ascending through our thoughts and dreams.  Inspired by A. Martinez’s voice in his quote (used as title and subject of this quilt), my art reflects my love of “voice.”  The pursuit of “voice” resonates throughout my life.  In the search for my own artistic voice, in teaching co-workers and clients to develop their career’s voice, and in listening to the varied and diverse voices around me.
This quilt melds many voices to tell its story.  Humans connect through story.  Helping others, give voice to their story is my mission.  Technical people tell data stories.  Photos grab and spill moments of story across our vision.  There are writers so effective, complete stories appear in 140 characters.  Musicians tell a story with no words. Mr. Martinez joins his voice in community with others to shed light on the critical story of climate change.
As you walk away, may this art quilt remind you to: listen … find your voice… and tell your story.  May all voices be encouraged and never silenced,  and may your story echo for a 1000 years. 

Activism as inner peace; action as medicine" 30" by 30"

15,000 plus pieces, small 1/4 inch in size made up of  of 31 different fabrics - commerical, over dyed by me, hand dyed.and other alterations as needed.
Example of how small the pieces are and how dense the quiltingis  with invisable thread.

 The back is pieced using batic fabric.

My Inspiration
The reason I do what I do.
The two best gifts in life are roots to keep you grounded and wings to help you fly.  Friends and family have given me both  my whole life.  Their belief and encouragement in my pursuits give me wings. Their love grounds me with strong roots. Roots and Wings Art is a showcase for my art,  inspirations and adventures.   
Life is busy!  Sometimes we get caught up and focus on the day-to-day details and strife of our lives to the detriment of the big picture.  My art quilts are similar, in that, at first glance it is  the immediate details we see – small colorful squares and tons of stitching.  You need distance to see the full picture. We need the details because they all add up to  “something” both in life and art.  It is good advice to step back often and see the real big picture.  Turn our attention to what is really important and make sure "our details" add up to the right “something” in art and life.  
My Tools

The fabric is cut into ¼ inch squares.  Here they are compared to a dime.

Each fabric painting can use as few as 4 fabric choices to 50 choices.

 I use tweezers and a wand iron to fuse them in place.
Fabric as Paint
 Art Quilts
Wood Sculpture and Other Art Adventures
For me fabric is my artist paint.  It could be described as an art quilt because it is made of fabric, has three layers and the layers are stitched together. But it could also be considered impressionistic painting with fabric.  
  Learning and experimenting with different techniques and mediums is one of my favorite things to do. 
What can I say … I love a good power tool!  Although I do not get to visit my woodworking studio in the Smokey Mountains much, wood is a real pleasure.  My earliest memories are alongside my grandpa Pete in his workshop; the only tool I was allowed to use sandpaper.  But I still created!  
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If you see any of my work you are interested in, a few are still available for purchase.
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