Important Events

My piece “Movement and Connection” was selected and gallery hung for the Grand Central Terminal – Centennial Celebration – NYC.
Quilt title:  Movement and Connection
Grand Central Station … is all about movement.  A brick and mortar connection point in the midst of life itself.  Interpreted from a recent photo taken by my husband Nick this quilt attempts to capture the energy that passes through the station on an hourly basis.  The image is clearest when you step back and take in the big picture; just like life.

Testament to past, present and future “connections”.   It represents a physical beginning, middle and end to many pleasure trips, business trips, final goodbyes and a thousand hellos. 

Be it our family as they immigrated Palermo to Cleveland  or Wales to Ohio,  my father’s return home from WWII to a lifetime railroad career , my husband’s business trips into the city or my mother’s famous quote “ What’s this, my kitchen or Grand Central Station?” ,  the energy transferred through its halls and tracks touches and connects everyone.
Could be described as an eclectic Auntie Mame... 
I am a person who loves to explore and experience new things. This is evident in my varied mediums and subject matters in my art.  I hope to always be extending  “compassionate curiosity” towards different cultures, industries, individuals and experiences. This fills my soul. Creating has been a huge part of my life and sharing what was learned,  just as important. I am a teacher by nature. My professional life has been spent mostly in the technical world.  Using my talent and skills in a variety of industries such as software companies and being part of the transition team for a newly built children’s hospital.  Currently I am a lead instructional designer for professional development of managed talent. 
Art is never far from my fingers.  But an experience with a high school art teacher left me feeling I could never be a “real artist.”  That did not stop me from taking a few courses in college, doing well but still hearing/believing those words.  I am grateful for the encouragement and compliments my friends and family have always given me toward my art.  You all mean the world to me.  You kept me trying.  It was not until a few years ago through a conversation with a favorite artist of mine, that I felt comfortable enough to refer to myself as an artist. We are all "real artists", be the medium paint, food, civil enginerring or Irish rock music. 
Looking inward I realize a person who needs opposites to feel balance.  Spending time high in the Smokey Mountains of western North Carolina, enjoying our log home, breathing the solitude, peace and crisp clean air is such a pleasure.  But in the same vein, I need the concrete canyons of New York City, with the massive heart beat of the people, easy access to different cultures and the stimulation of Time Square just as much.  So I guess it should be no surprise I combine technology with the very low tech hands-on art of quilts.  My fabric paintings are technically art quilts.  Three layers ( the artistic top, batting middle and backing) stitched together.  My art endeavors go beyond fabric into wood sculpture and inlay as well as other mediums. There is a lot of world yet to explore.

I have been very blessed in my life.  My wonderful, brilliant, handsome husband Nick, is always at my side and cheering me on.  For over 30 years now!  It is not that our lives have been so easy, quite the contrary.  We have experienced all the up and downs, joys and heartaches, fantastic gains and tragic losses, most people do.  We are just glad to have each other to share the journey.
Sharing the walk is what makes life interesting and worthwhile.  The “art” of giving is most rewarding.  Our unique talents and skills can make exceptional contributions. It need not be earth shattering massive world gestures, small honest genuine contributions make huge impacts.  Being able to give a tiny bit (time, money, skill, talent, forwarding a tweet, etc.) towards trusted causes and organizations fosters the possibility of the change we seek and support they deserve. Several of my art pieces have been part of fundraisers.  My thanks to Jay Leno for his help in completing the “Home of a Night Owl” sculpted birdhouse. The event “Beyond Bricks and Mortar” proceeds went towards the local Homeless Family Shelter, one of the first permanent shelters for families.  Another worthy organization is “The Daughter Project”  or on twitter @thedaughterproject.  Recently I came across a phrase that sums it up and resonates in my soul, “Activism as inner peace, action as medicine” A. Martinez    
The teacher in me encourages you - to explore your own artistic dreams - be a “real artist” with your unique talents - and find a way to give just a little bit back,  as we walk this beautiful world.
Take care my friends. Joy be with you all.