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Furniture inside ...
His motorcycle out back ...
Thank you Jay!
Very kind of him to sign my sculpture.  We raised a nice chunk of change. 
  "Home of a Night Owl" autographed by Jay Leno of "The Tonight Show"
For the charity event "Beyond Bricks and Mortar" unique birdhouses were auctioned off with proceeds going towards the local Homeless Family Shelter, one of the first permanent shelters for families. I donated a sculpture called "A Night Owl Lives Here".  It is mixed media carved plywood sculpture with an interior braided rug made of polyclay.  The "bird" who lives here loves the night and Jay Leno!  He has "The Tonight Show" on his television. Pictures of Jay, Kevin and John adorn his walls and just like Jay he loves his motorcycles and parks his 1930 Harley out back.  
  1. Blue Jackets!
    Blue Jackets!
  2. Signed!
  3. Inside the birdhouse
    Inside the birdhouse